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Bad Reputations
The Breaking Through series ~ Book 1

Image consultant Blake Matthews is facing his toughest PR challenge yet: salvage the reputation of celebrity chef Kirin Hart. Once he does, he’ll be able to acquire San Francisco’s most successful PR firm. But Kirin’s no easy fix. She’s stubborn about changing her comfortable homemaker image and is unapologetic for wanting to present her authentic self after her ex-husband trashed their collective public image. She needs a PR lifeline fast. Only problem is that Blake wants more than to make her over . . .


Kirin doesn’t believe she needs a makeover—her true fans love will love her as she is. But she could lose everything if the scandal perpetuated by her ex, and the loss of reputation that has followed it, doesn’t get quashed right away. Kirin agrees to let model-perfect Blake work his magic for two weeks, but things get complicated when she can’t deny the way her body flares to life when he’s near.

only $2.99

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Desperate Measures
The Breaking Through series ~ Book 2

A wife he needs. The woman he desires.

Cy Hathaway needs a wife, fast, to win custody of his son, Jonty. He returns home to discover the childhood sweetheart he once left behind has become a vibrant, beautiful woman. Even though wanting to sweep her off her feet wasn’t part of the plan…

For Ellie, Cy’s sudden reappearance awakens a flood of memories—and resentments for the way he’d abandoned her all those years ago. But she has a life now, a career. She can’t simply drop everything and get hitched, even if the sight of him still makes her heart race.

But after Ellie meets his little boy, she can’t refuse. Certain she has a grip on her old feelings for Cy, she agrees to marry her first love until he gains custody. But when did helping out a friend become something with the capacity to hijack her heart?

only $4.99

and FREE in Kindle Unlimited

Missing Pieces
The Breaking Through series ~ Book 3

When the past walks back into your life it can steal your heart.

Gwin Adams can't get out of Brentwood Bay quick enough. Apart from wanting to get her sister Ava and niece Rosie away from bad influences, she wants to finally break the chains of a tragic past. When that past in the form of a lost nephew and his adoptive father come knocking on her door, she has to choose between blowing everyone's world apart with the truth and carrying on the secrets.

Single dad Mack Forde, is at the end of his tether. He's fiercely loved his sixteen year old son, Connor, since he and his ex wife adopted him as a baby, but Connor isn't just going off the rails, he's hurtling down the tracks so fast it's taking both their breaths away. Although he'd hoped reconnecting Connor with his biological family might help his beautiful son, he isn't prepared for his reaction to Gwin and her perfect protecting heart.

As sparks fly between Gwin and Mack, they must tread a fine line between protecting everyone around them and breaking all their hearts.


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